Replacing Your Windows? 3 Beautiful And Modern Aluminium Window Styles For Your Home

Aluminium windows can sometimes get a bad rap. This is largely due to the prevalence of the utilitarian, dull and just plain unattractive aluminium windows that were standard features of '70s and '80s homes. However, modern aluminium windows have come a long way since those days, and there is now a wide range of attractive and stylish aluminium frames available on the Australian market. If you're thinking of replacing your windows, then here are three beautiful aluminium windows you might like to consider.

Natural Lighting | 4 Considerations Before Outfitting Your Home With Skylights

If you're looking to invite more natural light into darker spaces in your home, then skylights could be just what you're looking for. Skylights not only light up the room, but they also reduce your electricity costs by preventing you from turning on your room lights throughout the day. This guide equips you with some considerations before outfitting your home with skylights. Establish The Type Of Function You Desire

Natural Cleaning Tips For Copper Awnings

Copper awnings can give a beautiful and unusual look to your windows, adding real kerb appeal to your home.  Although it is durable and long-lasting, copper metal can lose its bright, polished look over time, and continual exposure to the elements can cause the material to become weathered and tarnished.  Some people like the patina that copper takes on, but if you prefer your awning to remain looking shiny and new, you'll need to clean it regularly.

Practical Ways to Keep Your Car's Upholstery in Great Condition

What's the point of being a luxury car owner if you allow your upholstery to become torn, unkempt and discoloured? Fine interiors are things of beauty, not minor additions to top-of-the-range cars, and if you let them become damaged, it can have a huge impact on the value of your vehicle. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to protect your car's interior from damage so that it holds its value and retains its aesthetic appeal for as long as possible.

Low Cost Tips for Reducing Traffic Noise in Your Road-Facing Bedroom

When you live in a bustling city, traffic noise is something you have to accept. Some people can block it out, and some even find it comforting, like white noise. Of course, there are people who find traffic noise stress inducing and struggle to sleep because of the din. Double glazing can make a difference, but it's not cheap, and it rarely removes the noise entirely. If you've just moved into a new home and are unfortunate enough to have a bedroom that faces onto a busy road, read on for three great noise reduction tips that are cheaper than double glazing.