Practical Ways to Keep Your Car's Upholstery in Great Condition

What's the point of being a luxury car owner if you allow your upholstery to become torn, unkempt and discoloured? Fine interiors are things of beauty, not minor additions to top-of-the-range cars, and if you let them become damaged, it can have a huge impact on the value of your vehicle.

Thankfully, there are some easy ways to protect your car's interior from damage so that it holds its value and retains its aesthetic appeal for as long as possible.

Invest in a Sturdy Set of Seat Covers

Placing a fabric seat cover in between passengers and high-quality upholstery is always a sensible move. In Australia, there are some gorgeous seat covers on the market, many of them featuring soft, welcoming sheepskin materials. With a couple of them in place, your seats won't just be protected from damage, they will also be more comfortable for your passengers.

Use the Right Cleaning Agents for Your Upholstery

Sometimes, even the cleanest cars experience the odd stain. As soon as you detect the stain, leap into action with a cleaning product that is formulated for your seating material. Don't use generic fabric cleaners on leather seats. Go for specific leather cleaning fluids. You might remove the stain itself, but the wrong cleaning choice can instantly create permanent marks that no detergent can erase.

Keep Leather in Perfect Condition

Leather doesn't just need its own cleaning products. It also requires special conditioning measures to maintain its soft feel and shiny appearance. Conditioning leather requires specialist products. Make sure that your seats are bone dry before applying conditioner and always follow the instructions about how long to apply conditioner. If you condition your seats every few months, they should remain almost brand new until you sell your vehicle.

Make it Harder to Cause Stains

Many food stains are easily avoidable, but it's harder to keep car interiors clean when children are involved. One good idea is to keep any drinks in secure containers and to have a no-food policy in the car as much as possible. You don't need to prohibit all foods. Dry foods like cereal bars and crisps are probably OK. They can be cleaned away with vacuum cleaners. However, chocolate and jam-based snacks should be kept away from your seats at all costs.

Install Tinted Windows to Prevent Fading

Tinted windows are often seen as a way to provide privacy for drivers and passengers, but they actually have a much more practical application. Modern tinted car windows don't just restrict glare; they also filter out UV rays in sunlight. This limits the speed at which upholstery fades, prolonging its lifespan and ensuring that the rich tones of your leather remain dazzling and pure for years on end.

With high-tech tinted windows and low-tech measures like seat covers, you should be able to protect luxury interiors from damage. Just try to keep melting chocolate away from the hands of kids.