Natural Lighting | 4 Considerations Before Outfitting Your Home With Skylights

If you're looking to invite more natural light into darker spaces in your home, then skylights could be just what you're looking for. Skylights not only light up the room, but they also reduce your electricity costs by preventing you from turning on your room lights throughout the day. This guide equips you with some considerations before outfitting your home with skylights.

Establish The Type Of Function You Desire

Skylights are available in a range of different sizes, shapes and functions. You can decide the type of design you desire based on your personal taste and the room you're planning to put the skylights in. Some are permanently shut, while others can be open and shut like windows. For instance, some people like the idea of putting open and shut skylights in top-level rooms to allow fresh air to enter through them. Others prefer to keep them constantly shut.

Plan Your Skylight Size

Once you establish the type of function you desire, you will need to plan the size of your skylights. This will depend on the level of light you want in the room. If you want lots of sunlight during certain days, then it may be sensible to install large skylights with some protective covering for times you want to reduce light in the room. If you're looking for just a little more light in your room, then smaller skylights will do just fine for your home.

Choose Glazed Or Tinted Windows To Protect Your Room From Intense Sunlight

Australia can get incredibly warm during summers, which means that your skylights can end up letting in a tremendous amount of unwanted heat from the sun. To prevent his from happening, you can ensure that the glass is glazed and tinted with reflective film to prevent the rays from directly hitting the interiors of the room. Glazing or tinting literally blocks light, which will reduce the direct impact of sunlight inside. You can also use blinds and ceiling diffusers to protect the room from the direct glare of the sun.

Think Of Your Maintenance Capabilities

Glass skylights need to be cleaned occasionally to get rid of dirt and debris settled on them. So, if you have operational skylights, then you simply need to open and close the glass for cleaning. If you have fixed skylights, you may have to get onto the roof of your home to clean the top layer of glass. Operable skylights will also need intermittent lubrication to ensure that they open and shut easily.

Make sure you consider these smart factors before outfitting your home with skylights.