4 Reasons to Add a Skylight to Your Home Extension

Home extensions are a great way to increase the size of living areas and reinvent your existing space, and there are plenty of things to think about when you're planning one. However, one thing you might not have considered is adding skylights, and that's a shame since skylights and home extensions are a great combination.

Here are just four reasons why it makes sense to add skylights to your extension.

1. Brings Light Further into Your Home

People often assume that adding glass sliding doors to an extension will help bring in plenty of natural light, but this can still leave the far side of a room feeling gloomy. That's because an extension moves the source of natural light further away from the end of a room when you only use traditional windows and glass doors. Skylights help get around this issue since light will shine down across the length of the extension rather than just at the end. As such, they can ensure the whole room benefits from plenty of natural light.

2. Works Well with Reduced Outdoor Spaces

Extending your property will mean gaining indoor space at the expense of outdoor space. One issue with this is that it often brings the walls of an extension close to fences and other barriers that can block light and create uninspiring views. Skylights are ideal in this situation since they can bring in natural light and provide stunning views even when the wall of an extension is right against an outside barrier.  

3. Makes Spaces Feel Even Larger

The purpose of an extension is to provide you with more living space, so it makes sense to ensure your extended room feels as large and open as possible to reflect its new dimensions. Skylights can help make that happen. That's partly because they bring in more light throughout the day, but it's also down to the fact that they break up the added roof space. Since you're trying to make your property feel larger, it's smart to take the benefits of an extension further by adding skylights.

4. Helps Manage Heat

One issue people often have with extensions is heat. That's because the sun beats right down on the roof of an extension, and there's often not much insulation between the outer roof and the inner ceiling. Skylights can help since they are great at keeping air flowing. Opening a skylight will allow hot air to flow out and help more cool air flow in through lower windows. 

For more info about skylights, contact a local company.