Two Reasons Why You Should Ensure Your French Doors Are Double-Glazed

If you have a set of French doors in your home or are planning to have doors of this kind installed, you should ensure that their panes are double-glazed. Here are two reasons why.

Double-glazed doors are less likely to break

One reason to get French doors with double-glazed windowpanes is that, in comparison to single-glazed doors, they're very robust and won't break as easily. This is important to note because if, for example, you have children who like to play ball games indoors (even if they're not supposed to) or on the patio to which your French doors lead, then having doors that won't shatter if they're struck by a football will not only spare you the expense of having new panes fitted, but will also mean that your kids will be less likely to get grazes or cuts as a result of the windowpanes shattering, if or when this happens.

Additionally, regardless of whether the French doors are internal or external, making sure that their panes are double-glazed and, therefore, hard to break, will make your home more secure than if their panes were single-glazed. If the doors are external, then it will be difficult for someone to quickly shatter them and get inside. If the doors are internal and someone breaks in, it could stop that person from exploring and stealing things from the areas to which these doors provide access, as long as these doors are locked.

They'll be more energy efficient

Another reason why you should ensure your French doors have double-glazed windowpanes is that they'll be more energy efficient. This is important because the panes of a set of French doors are usually quite large, and so if they're single-glazed and, therefore, lack insulation properties, they could greatly affect your home's energy efficiency.

If you opt for double-glazed panes on your external French doors, whose external sides are directly exposed to the cold wind or the blazing-hot sun, the double-glazed panes will stop most of this chilly or hot air from getting past them and making the heated or air-conditioned interior of your home colder or warmer, respectively.  Even when you have internal French doors, double-glazed door panes can still be very useful. For example, if you have a portable heater in one room that these doors are connected to, the heat from it won't easily escape through these doors when they're closed.

For more information about double-glazed doors, contact a local service.