Guide to Buying Screen Doors

Screen doors are suitable for homeowners who want ventilation while also being protected from harsh weather and burglars. When buying screen doors, there are certain things to consider, including the following:


Material is a crucial factor in a good screen door. Frames for screen doors are available in different materials such as aluminium, steel, wood and fibreglass. The type of frame material determines its resistance to corrosion that may compromise the security of the door. A steel frame is affordable and durable, but they require a coating to prevent scratches. Aluminium frames, on the other hand, are rust-resistant but do not offer the same security as steel doors. To compensate for their weakness, aluminium frames are made wider. Fibreglass frames are lightweight, affordable and easy to install. While wooden frames offer a traditional look, they are more susceptible to weather elements and wear.


Grilles and hinges require proper fitting for the screen door to function. Grilles are an essential part of the security a screen door offers. Grilles should be installed appropriately to enhance their security. Even if grilles are strong, their improper installation will compromise their security standard.

Screen doors should have at least three hinges that are permanently fixed. Larger hinges ensure better protection. These hinges should be installed at the correct height for better security.

Style and size

Screen doors are available in a range of styles and sizes. When buying a screen door, you must ensure that you choose the right size. If you have a custom-made screen door without taking the correct measurements, you will be left with a useless screen door. To obtain the right measurements, hire a professional, as you may not have the technical expertise to perform the measurements.

Screen doors also vary in style. They can be retractable or sliding, or they might outwards. Retractable screens are suitable for homeowners who only want to use the door during summer for ventilation.


Always consider the guarantee of a screen door before making a purchase. If you live in an area that is prone to winds or rain, then you need a high-quality screen that will endure the elements. The warranty covers installation, weather stripping and any manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the screen door. Limited warranties last for a few years. Most warranties, however, do not cover damage caused by burglars, any modifications you make to the product, neglect and failure to maintain the door.