What to Consider When Looking for High-Quality Bi-Fold Doors

Upgrading your property so that it benefits from bi-fold doors is a great way to enhance your quality of life. However, it is unrealistic to assume that all installations deliver the same results. To make sure your investment is worthwhile, there are some features you should look for to secure high-quality bi-fold doors. 

Examine the materials carefully

Most people are aware that aluminium is a robust material. But, the way the manufacturer of your bi-fold doors sources it can make a difference to the way your doors operate. For example, if they recover scrap aluminium instead of starting from scratch, there may be structural imperfections. As a result, the doors won't be as energy efficient as you need, and you might find they're not as good at keeping damp out when it rains. 

You should also inspect the powder coating to see how smooth it is. Once you have an installation firm in mind, visit the showroom to inspect the doors' finish. High-quality powder coating is smooth throughout. If you see a door that doesn't match that description, you might find that its finish is quick to chip when bad weather hits.

Make inquiries about weather permeability

Asking about weather permeability is especially important when you live in a coastal area. A combination of caustic sea air and living in a location where storms are often at their strongest when they hit leaves sub-par doors vulnerable to damage. While all will meet minimum standards, yours should exceed them. 

Locking systems that keep your property secure

Your doors and windows are one of the first lines of defense against potential intruders. If you want bi-fold doors that are extra robust, aim for the ones with an 8-point locking system and triple glazing. Such systems feature heavily in buildings where allowing anyone to gain access could have near-disastrous consequences. They make it almost impossible for a wannabe intruder to gain entry.

Low U-values that reduce energy loss

Finally, if you want your investment to keep paying for itself in terms of energy savings, you'll need doors with  a low u-value. Depending on the climate region you live in, your local authority may have minimum requirements. When the u-value of your bi-fold doors islow, your air conditioning and central heating don't need to work as hard to combat the temperature outside.

With a little research, you'll find the perfect doors for your property.