Key Benefits of Aluminium Windows

Whether you're about to move into a new home or you're looking to revamp the one you're already in, window frames can play a large part in the design process. In addition to having an impact on the way others see your property as they approach it, they dictate how energy efficient your property is and can determine how much money you spend on renovating in the future. From results that last for decades through to design flexibility, there are many reasons to choose aluminium windows.

The results last for decades, not years

Aluminium benefits from a layer of aluminium oxide, which means it doesn't corrode as fast as its steel and iron counterparts. In addition, it's less prone to breaking than plastic and similar materials, which means it'll last for decades to come. In contrast, uPVC may last for years before encountering a breakage, which means you spend more in the long term on repairs and replacements. Additionally, this makes aluminium an environmentally-friendly option, especially when you consider it's possible to create frames using recycled materials rather than starting from scratch.

The frames are slimmer

If you want a contemporary look that features more glass than frame, aluminium is the material for you. Unlike plastics, aluminium can hold heavy panes of glass while remaining slim. This means it lends itself well to large sliding glass patio doors. Using larger panes of glass also allows more sunlight in and gives the illusion of each room being larger than it actually is.

You'll spend less on your energy bills

Whether you're dreading the cold nights or you're looking for ways to make your air conditioning more effective, the thermal efficiency of aluminium will lead to you spending less on your energy bills. Your property loses around 40% of its energy through windows, which means they're one of the key areas to target if you want to create an energy efficient home. 

They're versatile in terms of design

It's easy to associate aluminium windows with cold greys that look drab in homes that have an otherwise vibrant design. However, it's possible to achieve different colours, shades, and tones, allowing you to achieve the look of your dreams. In addition, they require little input in terms of cleaning and tend to gather less dust. As a result, they look sleeker and cleaner, giving your property a stylish edge.

If you're sold on the idea of aluminium windows, why not choose aluminium doors too? Not only are they just as stylish, they offer protection against fire and thieves, making your property extra safe.