Ways to Secure Your Windows

If you are trying to secure your home from intruders, you should start with the windows. Intruders often know the doors are going to be locked, and might look to use the windows to get into your home instead. Here are some different ways to make your windows at home more secure.

Install Security Screens

The first thing you can do to have more secure windows in your home is to install security screens. These are usually made of durable material, like steel, and will prevent someone from breaking the window in order to get into your home. The steel is virtually indestructible, so an intruder won't be able to get through your home through any of the windows. In addition to being protective, it can also help reduce the heat from UV rays and can even keep pests out of your home.

Try Security Film

You can also consider using security film on the outside of your windows. This also helps to reduce the ability to shatter the windows, which is often how intruders gain access into your home. The window film is invisible, so you don't need to worry about how your windows look after installing it. However, it can reinforce the glass and make it hard to shatter, as well as reducing the likelihood of cracks or other damage.

Have Bars Installed on the Windows

This is not often something people want on their windows, but if your home has been broken into before or you live somewhere with a high crime rate, it can definitely be worth it. Your home doesn't need to look like a jail either; there are many different types of decorative window bars that actually add to the aesthetic of your home instead of detracting from it. A thief will most likely not be able to break down the sturdy steel or iron bars, and you will have better peace of mind when using the bars on rooms where your children sleep.

Set Up Window Alarms

Just because you have a home security system doesn't mean it will sound when someone tries to get through a window. Most alarms will only go off when one of the doors is opened and the code is not pressed. However, you can get alarms that include sensors on windows of your home so that, if one of those windows is opened when the alarm is set, it will go off immediately. This gives you early warning to be on guard and often causes a burglar to run away so they don't get caught.