A Buying Guide for Commercial Window Films for Your Business

Window films are usually applied directly to the window for various reasons such as providing privacy and sun protection by reducing glare and blocking harmful rays. Most commercial businesses today also install window films to reduce energy bills and create a comfortable working environment for their employees. There are different types of commercial window films on the market today, and understanding their features and applications can help you choose the ideal one for your business needs. Here are some of the most common ones.

Sun control window films

Sun control window films are primarily designed to prevent solar gain during the summer and reduce heat loss through the windows during the winter. They also block the harmful UV rays of the sun from penetrating into the building. They also reduce glare, especially on computer skills, which can significantly affect the performance of workers or cause vision problems.

Most types of sun control films usually limit the amount of light that a room receives. However, there are spectral designed films which protect against heat gain and loss, but also allow in more light. Spectral designed films reduce lighting costs during the day, but they are costlier than standard films.

Privacy window films

These window films are designed to offer some degree of privacy to a building or particular room. They can be used in particular parts of the building such as offices, bathrooms, and conference rooms where the need for privacy is paramount. These films have a frosted or reflective surface and give a sand-blasted or frosted effect to the window. They are available in different degrees of tint; therefore, you can choose one that best suits the application. Some privacy films, especially ceramic window films are shatter resistant.

Decorative window films

Decorative window films feature a textured, stained, etched, or frosted film which is designed for decorative purposes. They can be used in retail stores and shops where you want to add a decorative touch to the windows to promote your products. These films are available in different designs and patterns which are suitable for lightening up a dull window. In addition to adding a decorative look, they also block UV rays; however, they do not offer significant heat protection. These films are often removable and reusable.

Anti-graffiti window films

If your business is located in an area where vandalism through graffiti and painting is common, you may consider investing in anti-graffiti window films. People usually invest in these types of films to protect their windows. The films are inexpensive and easy to remove and replace in case they are drawn on or painted.

Depending on the desired application, you can choose different types of window films for different windows. Hire a professional to install these films so that you can get the best value from them.