5 Ways To Prevent an Influx of Flying Pests in the Home This Summer

Summertime means long days, hot nights and plenty of entertaining with friends and family. For many, it's the best time of the year, but summer in many areas, especially in Northern Australia, is also prime pest season. With the warmer weather comes the breeding season of many household pests, particularly bugs.

These 5 different ways will help eradicate and pest populations in the home, and deter and deter pests from making your home their too:

1. Use Ant Repellents

Ants are particularly problematic in summer and may be difficult to control, even if food is properly stored and kitchens are kept clean. As strange as it may sound drawing chalk lines at entry points to the home including the threshold at the front door will help to repel ants. Ants also hate mint and lemon juice, so it might be worth using a liquid mint extract or lemon juice around cracks in walls, doors and around window architraves.

For more stubborn populations try using an over the counter bait like ant sand. Ants will collect these granules and bring them back to their colony, helping to stop ant populations in their tracks.

2. Install Fly Screens

Like their name suggests, fly screens keep flies out of the home, but they also provide a barrier to many other flying pests including mosquitoes, moths, cockroaches and even the most destructive pest of all – swarming termites. This makes them one of the most effective methods to prevent pests getting into the home. If you can't afford to have new fly screens fitted, magnetic fly screens are an effective and more affordable alternative.

They can easily attached to all window sizes and frames with a magnetic base strip that sticks to aluminium, timber and PVC window frames to which the screen locks in place. The benefit of fly screens during the summer means you can still let fresh air in, keeping the home cool, while keeping flying pests out.

If you want more help or have other questions, try contacting a company such as Phantom Screens Perth.

3. Keep the House Clean

Summertime means being particularly diligent with cleaning. During the summer months as even the smallest crumbs or a sticky floor or bench can be enough to attract hordes of ants, flies and roaches. Be sure to remove food from pet food bowls to avoid unwittingly providing a food source for these pests. As well as wiping benches, floors and sealing food properly, make sure to stay on top of taking out the rubbish. Just a few flies can be enough to lay an infestation of maggots. In just a few short hours after they hatch, it can be enough to turn a lazy summer's day into a nightmare clean up scenario.

 4. Keep Fans Switched On

The good news about ceiling fans, or other plug in fans, is as well as keeping you cool, they help to they work to keep pests away. Mosquitoes, moths and other flying bugs don't do well with breezes either natural or 'fan made.' When sitting outdoors or indoors, an operating fan will provide a basic solution will keep flying pests away.

5. Electronic Fly Zappers and Bug Lights

Electronic zappers will attract flying insects to their source, electrocuting them. Placing these electronic zappers around outdoor areas can stop pests in their tracks and control populations before they make it into the home. They are also an ideal solution to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle in your backyard without lathering yourself in DEET or other insect sprays. They will also help to ensure your outdoor barbeque is not spoiled from flying bugs.